Columnist in the Making: First Topic

If you know me personally, I have another blog that I use as a mere testimony of my life that is kept up-to-date about twice a year; however, I have been thinking. Yes, thinking…a dangerous thing to do.

But in this case, I feel like it is a positive thought because it gave me the sudden urge to use my website’s blog for the professional use of becoming an amateur columnist who discusses several topics at random unveiling the truth and pushing through the lies.

Let’s begin today, shall we? Today’s topic: Last Week’s News and the Blues

If you’re not up to date on what’s going on in the world, I have this sort of envy and pity towards you. Envy because sometimes I wish I didn’t know what was going on, but pity because everyone should at least know the daily headlines. So here are those headlines from last week… they’re all terrible:

Donald Trump throws Jeff Sessions under the bus. The lead singer of the well-known rock band, Linkin Park, killed himself. Hugh Freeze, the Christian football coach, has been using female escorts for personal use. OJ Simpson, the luckiest man alive, was let off yet again. Spicer has officially left the White House and probably really excited about it. You name it, and it was terrible.

Trump is at it again with taking his comments to the next level. He confessed to the media that he would have never hired Jeff Sessions knowing he would recuse himself from the Russian/campaign investigation. There are three things wrong with this.

One: A conflict of interests is obviously present. Sessions can’t oversee an investigation of a campaign when he was directly involved with the campaign. That’s just not how Jeff works.

I mean, Trump himself called Jeff Sessions “an honest man,” but he expected him to still oversee the investigation?  I don’t think Trump knew Sessions like we, Alabamians know him. I’m sorry Mr. President, but that is “WRONG, SAD, FAKE NEWS.” 

Two: Mr. President, you would be nowhere without Sessions. He was the first senator to endorse you, and now you throw him under the bus? “SAD.”

Three: Trump bypassed all of his administrators and went straight to the so-called “liberal media” to express his opinions. Mr. President, I thought the media was all fake news, but you still feed them? I mean, you even throw crap at NYT, but you went straight to them anyway. “SAD.”




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