The Inspiration Behind Ashley Moates’ Big Dream


Photo Courtesy of Ashley Moates

Each year, a new Miss Auburn is elected by the student body after rounds of interviews and a week of campaigning around campus. This year, Ashley Moates can continue sharing her platform, AUsome Dreams.

Each Miss Auburn has a story behind her platform, and Ashley Moates’ inspiration is her younger sister, Anna, who is living with down syndrome.

“She inspired me to do this platform because she has passions, goals and dreams just like I do, but she doesn’t always have the opportunity to make those happen because those opportunities are not always out there for her,” Ashley Moates said.

“I started AUsome dreams so that Anna and others like her can come to Auburn and find out what they are passionate about and make the dream come true at Auburn University,” she said.

Through AUsome Dreams, two wishes have been granted since the campaign began. One of those was Anna’s wish.

This story was previously published on Auburn Family. Please follow this link to continue reading the story. 


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