Three Students Who Did Not Want the Typical Spring Break

Photo Courtesy of Abby Crosby

Auburn University harbors students who love to give back, whether that is in Auburn, another state or another country.

Many students used their spring break to give back and serve people. Each person learned something different.

Abby Crosby is involved with Young Life at Auburn. She and 26 other Young Life leaders and staff members traveled to Nicaragua to work at the local Young Life camp, La Finca.

“During the week, we worked at the Young Life camp to prepare it for campers that were coming when we left,” Crosby said. “Everyone had different jobs. My job was to dig ditches on the side of the mountain, lay water pumps and lay electricity lines then fill the ditches we dug.”

Working alongside the Nicaraguan Young Life Leaders taught her a different culture and how to work.

“We got to know Nicaraguan Young Life leaders and that was an incredible experience to see how they are doing the same ministry but in a different culture and country,” she said. “They live so much simpler than we live here in America, yet have so much more joy than we do.”

“I learned what work looks like the way that God intended it to look,” she said. “Work should be life-giving and refreshing, not exhausting and dreadful.”

Crosby’s advice to someone who wants to make a difference during their spring break is to go and get out of your comfort zone.

“I wanted to spend my spring break in a way that was not about myself and my desires,” Crosby said. “Because of this trip, I have made forever friends in America and Nicaragua. My perspective has changed, and I have learned so much about myself, Jesus and others. I came back to Auburn after spring break feeling refreshed and full of life.”

Photo Courtesy of Liz Phelps

Liz Phelps traveled to the Dominican Republic with Campus Crusades, also known as Cru.

“During the week, we installed water filters into the Dominicans’ buckets to purify the water and make it drinkable,” Phelps said. “We then talked to them about their lives and faith and shared the gospel.”

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